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4 Quick Lock Solutions

4 Quick Lock Solutions
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Homes are not secure when locks and keys fail to do their job right. Problems with either of them will cause major security problems. They will also lock you out, cause sleepless nights and won't let you rest. When problems start making your life difficult, key and lock repair should be your priority. The truth is that keys cannot be fixed perfectly and it's always easier to have them replaced. Though, when it comes to your security locks, you can deal with some issues fast.

Learn how to deal with some common lock problems

Lock SolutionsOne of the most common lock problems during the winter is related to the weather. Whether we are talking about front, patio or sliding door locks, they can all freeze and in this case you will have a hard time inserting the key in the lock. The best solution is to heat it up. Use a lighter to warm up the key before trying to put it back in the lock. It's best to wear gloves to avoid burning yourself. Don't put force. Be gentle and turn the key at both sides till the cylinder turns.

If you use force, the key will break. If you are lucky enough to see a small fraction of the broken key protruding, you can use pliers or similar tools to extract the piece. If the broken piece is large and you still have to open the door, turn it with the help of the pliers to unlock the door. The key won't be inserted easily in the lock if the latter is stiff and sticky. Such problems emerge by over accumulation of debris and dirt. Dust mixed with old lubricants makes the worse combination and also makes the lock stick. In this case, you will have to lubricate the keyhole. If the problem is not fixed, you must disassemble the mechanism.

If there is a door knob you must remove it from both sides by removing the screws. This will enable you to remove the cylinder in order to clean it well. Use a brush or toothbrush to remove debris and wipe off old oils before you spray new lubricants. When you re-install your home door lock again, make sure the bolt comes out all the way and is properly inserted in the strike plate. Your security depends on that. One of the major lock problems is associated with misalignment among the bolt and the strike plate. Make sure the strike plate is tightened in the right position.

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