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How to Fix Deadbolts

How to Fix Deadbolts
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Problems with deadlocks lead to security issues. Whether they're related directly to the lock or the key, if they cannot ensure security, the risks are plenty. Some of the most common problems would mean that you won't be able to turn the key, the door won't be secured right or it could be kicked down easily. Most key related problems are associated with key damage. Key repair is hardly an option. Even if it's slightly bent, it won't fit perfectly in the lock. If it's slightly broken, it will be useless. If it's eroded, it won't fit well and it will soon break. In other words, when the key is the centre of the problem, it must be replaced. You won't have to get new locks and change the keys, but simply make a duplicate of the existing one.

Solutions to common deadbolt problems

How to Fix DeadboltsKey issues are handled easier since they can be replaced faster and easier. Though, what happens when the problem is the lock itself? In this case, lock repair will be required and the process of fixing damage would depend on the problem. In order for you to understand the true problem, you must run some tests.

* Close the door to see that it's properly aligned

* With the door open, lock and unlock it to see if the bolt is thrown out all the way

* Try the key at both sides of the door to make sure it fits and turns alright

* With the door closed, make sure the bolt locks alright by being inserted all the way into hole of the strike plate

If the door is not aligned, it's important to tighten the hinges. When the door shuts well, the bolt must meet its staple. If it's not aligned, the strike plate must be checked for loose screws. If you have painted the wood door and along the mortice locks, there will be problems. The paint might keep the bolt from being shot out all the way. If you have a hard time working the key in the keyhole, it might be a problem with the pin tumbler cylinder. In this case, it would be cheaper to get a lock replacement than strive to fix the problem. If the lock is stiff, it needs cleaning and lubrication. It must be dismantled and maintained. If the iron lock is rusty, it should be soaked in kerosene before cleaned with wire-brush, washed with acetone and let dry well.

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