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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Various issues can occur if your UPVC door locks do not work properly. You may get locked outside of your house or office and the risk of burglary is also higher. That is why all issues must be resolved timely in an effective way. You can readily count on our team for any problem. Read on and learn what is done on every service in order to resolve various issues.

Lock Repairs

UPVC Door Locks in United KingdomIf you have to turn the key several times in order to open the lock, it might need to be repaired. In this case, the internal components and the cylinder, in particular, are carefully inspected. The malfunctioning component is fixed or replaced. Usually, when the issue is with the cylinder it can be replaced with a more advanced one for even higher security. When the issue has to do with sticky internal components, they are carefully cleaned and lubricated. No matter what the issue is, there is a solution. If the internal locking mechanism driving the bolt has failed, the lockset is replaced with a new one.

UPVC Door Alignment

In case the door cannot get fully closed, this is usually due to misalignment. If the hinges are loose or damaged, it will not fit into the frame. The hardware parts are adjusted or replaced and then properly lubricated. This allows for perfect door adjustment. Deeper cracks and dents may also affect the door's ability to close properly. That is why they have to be repaired timely as well. Torn weather seals not only reduce the level of insulation, but hinder the proper closing of the door. Hence, they have to be replaced without delay.

UPVC Lock Installation

You do not have to wait for your lock to get damaged and start to malfunction before you opt for a new one. It is best if a new device is installed every couple of years so that the door security of the property can remain up to date. The cylinder of the new device should be as safe as possible from picking and snapping and from other techniques used for unauthorised opening.

Rely on us at Locksmith Watford to professionally install new locks and to fix existing ones in the fastest manner possible. We are experts in aligning and repairing doors as well.

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